Step In Martinique

“STEP IN” is an intimate, collaborative event that brings together Music, visual arts and culture.

Step In Martinique, the first edition of the series, which happened in November 2019 in Old Street Records,  in East London, was a true success with over 80 guests (50 were expected).

The musician, Kenennga  collaborated with designer Mohamed Fadera to co-create Live with the participation of the audience.

The artwork of 3 visual artists had been curated following an Open Call. The photographers, Aurélie Chantelly, Jonathan Menialec and Gérald Marie-Nelly exhibited their artwork at the venue.

Small details in the decor also helped in creating a total immersive experience.

The marketing of the event that lasted for 4 weeks, introduced the Martinique culture and each artists prior to the event.