Pacifik Blue

PACIFIK BLUE is a new Jazz outfit created in 2017 by a group of 5 talented French Caribbean artists and musicians.


Yan BYLON, Karl LOYSON, Yannick CHARLERY, Bruno LEICHNIG, Sylvain PADRA and Alwin BYLON are from Martinique, a beautiful island in the West Indies, which has always been very opened to various influences and cultures, while truly preserving its very own. 


The beautiful Jazz music created by PACIFIK BLUE is influenced by the biggest name in Jazz and remains faithful to the cultural heritage of small and Greater Antilles.


Attending a concert of the group is an invitation for listeners to a trip through the exquisite nature of Jazz Music, with infusion of tropical colors and flavors.


After a series of successful live performances in France, including an appearance with the renown drum player Dede Saint-Prix, PACIFIK BLUE is now giving their first intimate performance in London on March 30th at RITZY in Brixton, for the pleasure of Jazz Aficionados.